Private School Legal Services

Private and Parochial schools may encounter legal challenges that differ from those of public education institutions. Based in Delaware County, Raffaele Puppio’s experienced education law attorneys serve and represent private and parochial schools in the County as well as the region.

Our education law lawyers help manage communication issues with staff, students, and their families, including the drafting and editing of manuals and policies. We work with private school administrators, boards of directors, and other school bodies to mediate and resolve both internal and external governance disputes.

We closely monitor national legal news, trends and developments affecting private education in Pennsylvania so that we are in the best possible position to proactively advise our independent school clients of matters that could affect them. Our aim is to best position our clients to try to avoid litigation, but when it becomes necessary, our experienced education law attorneys in Delaware County are prepared to guide and strongly advocate for our clients.

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  • Special Education Law: What is KOSHK and Why is it Important?

    June 15, 2016

    An important fact in a special education due process proceeding is the “KOSHK” date, or the date that the parent “knew or should have known” about an alleged deprivation of special education. A “deprivation of special education” just mean that the parents are claiming that a child should have been provided with special education but... Read More...