The dreaded box can appear on an application for employment, a professional license, or a rental agreement for an apartment: Check here if you have ever been convicted of a crime. For people who are carrying a long-ago conviction for a non-violent crime or misdemeanor on their records, the remainder of the application process can feel futile and unjust.

Additionally, recent changes in Pennsylvania state law now require criminal background checks in order for you to participate in any events at your children’s school. The marijuana possession conviction you had 15 years ago could prevent you from serving ice cream at your child’s classroom party.

Fortunately, Pennsylvania offers the possibility to have your criminal record expunged in a few specific circumstances. When your record is expunged, all public records of your arrests and criminal charges are destroyed, with one exception: a single copy that is available only to law enforcement agencies. Information on that record does not appear on background checks.

Attorneys from the Delaware County firm of Raffaele Puppio can help you determine whether you are eligible for expungement and can assist you with the process.

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