Fraud, Theft, or Receiving Stolen Property

No typically law abiding citizen ever imagines that they will be charged with theft, receiving stolen property, or fraud until the moment it happens. It can happen, though, and has happened time and again. The Delaware County defense attorneys at Raffaele Puppio have extensive experience with such situations. We understand how easily, for example, a well-meaning favor for a friend or family member can suddenly turn an unsuspecting person into an accessory to crime in the eyes of the law.

If convicted of any of these charges, you could face very serious consequences. You could be sentenced to jail time, restitution to victims, financially crippling fines. Even a probationary sentence can comprise the loss of important individual rights that you have previously taken for granted; you may face restrictions on travel, types of employment, and your freedom of association.

Raffaele Puppio attorneys have successfully defended clients against these and related charges. If you have been charged with or accused of fraud, theft, or receiving stolen property, contact the Delaware County offices of Raffaele Puppio.

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