Workers' Compensation

When you are injured on the job, a lot of things can go through your mind. Is my injury serious enough to require medical attention? Should I tell my supervisor or try to “work through it”? What if I can’t work? How will my medical bills be paid? At Raffaele Puppio, we’ll make sure you know your rights as a worker and the responsibility of your employer to provide you with a safe working environment – and the proper resources if you’re injured on the job.

The workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania covers many complex matters that our team of workers’ comp lawyers can help you understand. If you are due to receive benefits, they can cover not only lost wages but also medical expenses, including travel costs. Your workers’ compensation payments also may affect your Social Security or unemployment benefits. In some cases, you may even be able to visit your own doctor.

If negligence caused your injury, you may have the grounds for a lawsuit against the negligent party, whether your employer or some other entity, such as the manufacturer of a faulty company vehicle. We will explore every option to maximize your payments so you can have the peace of mind to ensure your continued financial well-being, both during your recovery time and after you have recovered from your work injury.

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