Public Finance Services

When municipalities and school districts need to expand or make capital investments in their infrastructure, Raffaele Puppio in Delaware County is the full-service law firm they hire to ensure the deal gets done quickly and correctly.

Our government and municipal lawyers in Delaware County have served as Bond Counsel, Underwriter’s Counsel or Trustee’s Counsel in tax-exempt and taxable transactions for the following representative issuers:

  • Commonwealth Financing Authority
  • County of Delaware
  • Pennsylvania Economic Development Financing Authority
  • Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency
  • Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
  • Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)

Raffaele Puppio attorneys are extensively familiar with the procedures, requirements, and personnel of many private and public financing companies and authorities that operate in the greater Philadelphia region. That comfort level is what enables our firm to provide transactional guidance to a growing number of local government entities and school officials to meet their financing needs.

In addition to traditional vehicles such as general obligation notes and bonds, Raffaele Puppio bond attorneys can assist with a variety of less traditional financing methods that sometimes offer administrative or economic advantages to clients in particular circumstances.

We help structure the financing, prepare proposals and financing documents, review disclosure materials, and after careful analysis, issue approving opinions for the financing. We also assist in negotiating the adjustment of debt service payments through the refinancing of outstanding bonds and other financial vehicles.

Sub Practice Areas:

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