Slip & Fall

They may seem simple, but slip-and-fall lawsuits are among the most difficult to prosecute in Delaware County and the state of Pennsylvania. Everyone is expected to take reasonable responsibility for where they walk, so simply falling, even in difficult walking environments, might not be enough to win a case. You have to prove that the property owner had a duty to maintain a safe walking environment, that they were negligent in doing so, and that you suffered an injury as a result of that negligence.

Whether it is the result of a spilled liquid, damaged concrete, faulty staircases or escalators, or snow and ice, the personal injury lawyers at Raffaele Puppio are ready to assist you with your slip-and-fall accident. We will help you understand the legal responsibility of both you and the parties responsible for maintaining the property where you fell, and whether your case is strong enough to win.

Nobody should have to worry about something as basic as the surface upon which they walk. If someone else’s negligence caused an injury in your slip-and-fall case, we will take every action possible to resolve it in your favor.

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