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It’s a common saying that the three most important things for any business are location, location, location. Where you choose to build your commercial enterprise is almost as important as what you sell. Your business is like a second home, and, just as when you’re buying a home, you need to carefully consider both the property itself and any buildings that occupy it. Even when everything is taken care of, expansion and acquisition of new property can be constantly on your mind.

Whether you buy or rent, work out of a standalone building or in a mall, have a one-room shop or a sprawling showroom, the experienced team of commercial real estate lawyers at Raffaele Puppio will help you lay the groundwork for your growing business in Delaware County, the greater Philadelphia area, and beyond. We have experience with a wide variety of real estate transactions, including property purchases and leases, property management agreements, construction contracts, and more. We’ll help you understand zoning laws and environmental concerns while avoiding the common pitfalls that plague business owners.

Most importantly, our commercial real estate attorneys work to understand the unique nature of your business and tailor our counsel to meet your specific needs so you can minimize overhead and maximize profits. The Delaware County real estate lawyers of Raffaele Puppio have years of experience and a proven record of success in complex commercial real estate transactions. We will hammer out all the fine details and work tirelessly to secure the best deals for you so you can focus on the business of doing business.

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